G-Tide R1 Goldman Smart Watch
G-Tide R1 Goldman Smart Watch


G-Tide R1 Goldman Smart Watch

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G-Tide R1 Goldman Smartwatch


1.32 inch HD IPS large screen, 360*360
The large 300mAh battery can last for 7-10 days
24/7 heart rate monitor VC52 works accurately 
IP68 waterproof, waterproof up to 10 meters
24 sports modes, record your calories, steps and distance during exercise with GT FIT Pro APP
BLE5.2 + BLE dual audio mode, Bluetooth call and message notification
640kb + 16MB storage, CTS816T chip
Android 4.4 and above and iOS 9.0 and above


Introducing the G-Tide R1 Goldman Smart Watch - style, intelligence and functionality that define what a smartwatch is. Elevate your casual wear game with this elegant watch that seamlessly blends modern technology with a sleek and sophisticated design.


Featuring a wide 1.32-inch full-touch screen, the G-Tide R1 presents your digital world with stunning clarity. In 360x360 resolution, every detail is brought to life, delivering vivid colors and sharp images that grab your attention. Experience the future at your fingertips as flexible and comfortable tactile responses tempt you with its many features.


Make a statement without saying a word - G-Tide R1 boasts timeless design and contemporary elegance. Crafted to perfection, the watch's minimalist yet elegant aesthetic seamlessly blends into any outfit and occasion. Whether you're at a business meeting or hitting the gym, this smartwatch is the perfect companion to show off your style and sophistication.


But it's not just looks, the G-Tide R1 Watch is the gateway to a smarter life. Stay on track with the ability to answer and make calls right from your wrist. With advanced connectivity options, you'll always be available wherever you are. High definition image quality enhances your communication experience and ensures clear vision during calls.

Fitness features:

Live a healthier lifestyle with the watch's integrated fitness features. Monitor your heart rate, track your steps and analyze your sleep patterns, and you'll get personalized insights to help you reach your health goals. This smartwatch doesn't just keep time; allowing you to live a more balanced and active life.

This Smart Watch is a testament to innovation and craftsmanship designed to fit your waist and enhance your everyday life. Experience a blend of luxury, technology and functionality in one great package. Raise your wristwear game - raise your lifestyle with the G-Tide R1.

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